Navigating Workplace Politics

No matter what field you are in, workplace politics will always factor in. There will always be playing favorites, nepotism, friendships, haters, and cliques. There will always be money and favors being exchanged behind the scenes. I have seen entire infrastructures being changed because of some upper management head’s preference.

As a full time working adult with over two decades swimming in these seas, I’ve seen it all. Most people know me as someone who speaks their mind, stands up for their rights, and takes no crap. But all that being said, I’m not a damned idiot. You’d better believe that there will be times that I’ll smile to your face and be totally agreeable. Sure, inside I may be scheming and plotting for your untimely demise (figuratively speaking) but I’ll play along as if everything is all good and dandy if I know its in my best interest. My momma ain’t raise no fool!

There are people out there who will not like you. Sometimes they will be your peers, and others they will be your boss. In most cases, I am aware of your stance. It may be your body language, words, facial expressions, or a big mouth that betrays you, but more often than not, I know. Mind you, I’m speaking in terms of “I,” but this is generally speaking of course.

In my case, the only reason I don’t write about it and put these people on blast is because I’m smart enough to know that you don’t burn bridges, even if only on the surface.¬†Even when I was working with recruiters, there were some terrible ones who did some really grimy stuff. Though I did write about the experiences, I never name dropped. This wasn’t to protect them, or because I was scared, not at all. This was looking out for my best interest. I stated that anyone who wanted the names, in order to avoid them, could reach out to me privately.

You see, people talk, read, and future potential employers know that if you drop another’s name, or if you bad mouth a former employer, you could easily do the same against them. This could make them less likely to give you a job, and that’s no bueno. There is a fine line as to how much you can share, rant, or retaliate against someone in a professional setting. I may appear stupid to many people, some chronic over sharer with a huge mouth. I may appear as though I write and rant about everything, but that is not the case. Contrary to popular belief, I know when to shut the hell up!

You have to be smart, strategic, and work some things out from behind the scenes and on the low low.

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