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Potential, potential, potential is all that comes to mind regarding this film! I was debating whether I should make this a written review, or a video vlog review. Anyway, it looks like at 430am on Christmas Eve, the video blog wins out, sort of as this came out kind of long too.

For those of you who don’t have the time or interest to sit through my short, spoiler heavy video, I’ll say this to you: Watch the film, it was entertaining, interesting, and worth a watch at home. Overall I think it was an okay film, I just happen to believe that it could have been worlds better as a series, or a longer or better organized film.

Let’s say that there were 5 elements to making this film perfect in my opinion, okay? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, would be those elements. Each element would have to be in sequence and contain certain components. So let’s take it a bit deeper, 1.ABC, 2.ABC, 3.ABC, 4.ABC, 5.ABC, that would have made this movie a perfect film. Well, here is what the perfect film would have looked like, and what we got based on this establish standard we just invented.

Perfect film:

1.ABC, 2.ABC, 3.ABC, 4.ABC, 5.ABC

What we actually got with Bright:

5.AC, 3.BC, 2.ABC, 1.C, 4.A

Do you see what I’m trying to illustrate to you? I felt like the things were put together in a fashion that didn’t really follow the proper sequence, there was so much that was left out, and so much that was inconsistent. I’ll say again that this film had a lot of potential, but it felt like they didn’t take the time to develop everything out.

I’m trying not to put in any spoilers here, but I think based off of the preview, we can see that Will Smith, and the Orc were both police officers, right? Well, why did the Orc want to become a cop? What’s the history there? And I don’t think I can go any further without adding spoilers.

Watch the video if you want more, I discuss specifics, but there are many spoilers, just be aware of that. If you prefer, listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on iTunes, link on the sidebar!

In closing, watch the film, come up with your own opinion, and I’d love to hear it!

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