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New Balance 574 first impressions

When I was younger, I had a problem called “plantar fasciitis.” Basically, your arch hurts like a motherfucker. I used to go to the foot doctor and get shots regularly for the pain. Eventually they made me a pair of insoles, those things didn’t really help.

Somewhere along the line I came across some advice that New Balance sneakers were the best for this ailment and I started wearing them. Lo and behold, the pain started to go away after sometime with those sneakers. So naturally, as I start to feel pain in the same area, all these years later, I went and picked up two pairs of New Balance sneakers, one of them being the 574.

So I wore them to walk around and to teach my zumba class this past week. I gotta be honest and say that I was not overly comfortable in them. They were not as bad as the damn Zumba air remix that left my feet throbbing and in pain, but they certainly weren’t as comfortable as I’d remember them being. I was looking to return them, but then realized that the soles of the sneaker got pretty dirty thanks to NYC and it’s never ending construction.

I don’t hate them, but I’m not satisfied with the level of comfort or the fit. However, since I am stuck with them, I put in some better insoles and I’m going to make it work. I mean what choice do I have here?

The lesson here I guess is, if you are going to try wearing them at the gym, then walk there in old sneakers and switch them out. This way they don’t get so dirty and you can return them if need be. I’ve not had a lot of luck with sneakers these days!

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