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New Black Panthers put Obama in office?

Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz feels that Barrack Obama and Eric Holder owe them a favor since they delivered his party into office.

According to Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, Obama has shown mercy to the New Black panther party because he owes it to them. He goes on to state that if the republicans take over the white house then they are in trouble.

The talk show where the chairman made these statements is hosted by New Black Panthers National Field Marshal, King Samir Shabazz.  Samir was accused 2 years ago of voter intimidation, and he got off thanks to President Obama and attorney general Eric Holder. They fear they will not be shown this mercy if republicans take over the white house. In fact Chairman Malik  Zulu Shabazz believes that the case against King Samir Shabazz will be reopened.

The New black panther party is nervous and claims they are prepared to fight. They fear if republicans take over that they will be labeled a hate group and accused of terrorist activities.

For the full story and content from the radio interview check out the blaze story!

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