New Taste of the Upper West Side

As a blogger I often get invited to review plays, restaurants, products and so on. There are some events that have their set bloggers, contacts and such, those don’t really reach out to us. Yet I know some crafty individuals who manage to work their way in to some of these events that us plebeians are usually overlooked for. Hah! The Regular Guy NYC happens to be one of those guys. And on this evening I was fortunate to be invited to accompany him to this amazing event! Thank you, Phil. *curtsy*

When I arrived here, all I could do was shake my head and say “Wow!” The event took place under a huge tent, and man did this thing look fancy!

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There were dozens and dozens of vendors and restaurants from all over the Upper West Side. The event spanned 3 days, and this one was dubbed “Best of the West!” new taste upper west side

There was a DJ providing music, a violin player, and a big band rocking the music! They were so good that I initially thought the music was a record being played by the DJ, then I saw the live band. There were stilt walkers, acrobats, and all sorts of cool stuff. I instagram it, periscope it, and shared this all over social media.


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Phil was able to get a picture with Anne Burrell who was there for a book signing! I took the picture, but she dipped before I could get my picture. I don’t blame her, she wanted to get back to the safe VIP area, if people saw her among us, they would go nuts asking for pictures. I ain’t mad at you Anne, we’ll always have the best of the west,  you and I! Haha.

anne burrell
Anne Burrell and The Regular Guy!

There was so much food to sample, burgers, desserts, paella, you name it, it was there!

new taste uws burgers

new taste uws paella

The event was awesome, the food was awesome, uhm, did I mention that there were unlimited drinks too? This thing was off the hook! If you have the dough, I’d say that next year you get yourself a ticket and try this out. You can eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want, and try out all of the cuisine that is available in the Upper West Side! Nom nom noms all day!

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