New York Presbyterian Physical Therapy

So my Zumba student Candace is a physical therapist. We had spoken a bit about my injuries and how I can get better. She told me about her clinic and I decided to give it a chance.

My experiences with physical therapy have never been fruitful, I always felt like I was simply wasting my time and money. But my friend Candace seemed a bit more knowledgeable and confident than the other places I’ve been to.

I saw her for a few weeks and I think she knows her stuff. She gave me a few moves that I do when I feel really bad neck pain, and for the most part, it has been helping me. I can’t remember all the moves that she gave me to do, but she also emailed them to me, so I have them there if I want a refresher.

The location is pretty much like any other PT location, but the staff is really where they shine. And by staff, I mean Candace. She really paid attention to me, tried to coach me as best she could, and I’ve tried to take away as much as I could.

I have PT for my back coming up, I’m going to try and set it up with her as well. I may not remember everything, but really, I have it in my emails so I can get them anytime. The one major move that she gave me seems to be really helpful, retraction and extension. I do it every single day, several times a day along. This along with yoga and some other therapy movements seem to be helping me recover. Hopefully she can help me out with the back as well.

I really do need to look up and do those other moves she prescribed though. I’ve also updated my chair and pillow. The pillow is actually still an ongoing search, but I do have a front contender that might be it. I have also been trying to focus more heavily on my posture. That’s key in all this.

This is a great place for PT, check them out. Do note though, make sure your insurance covers outpatient physical therapy in a hospital environment, otherwise it can get really pricey. Also, it’s pretty damn far, so allow yourself adequate commute time.

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