New York Times overlooks Sarah Jeong racist tweets

So this new hire at the New York Times has received a pass for some tweets she wrote between 2012 and 2015. They were pretty nasty tweets and clearly racist in nature. These tweets were directed at white people. The New York Times is not only giving her a pass, they even wrote a response defending her.

Society is not always so forgiving, and neither is the New York Times. They fired a new hire, Quinn Norton before she even started over some past tweets. My issue here is that there is a double standard around these things. I don’t know anything about Quinn Norton or Sarah Jeong for that matter.

In fact, we’ve all said crazy stuff in the past. I was a Republican for a while, and I’ve written some articles that I’m actually ashamed of when I read them now. I evolved and my views changed. People change, and we shouldn’t crucify them if they haven’t done anything wrong except some nasty tweets in the past. Look at what’s happening to the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. He made some jacked up jokes, years ago, and now he’s being crucified. Is that deserved? Did he mean those words? Do you think he feels this way now?

Sarah said some fucked up shit, and I’m not calling on her to be fired, we gotta make a living, and like I said, people change. However, we should be consistent in our actions. I know it’s hard to do that as every situation differs, but we should try our best. I try really hard. I own that I’ve said some crazy shit over the years, but that doesn’t make me a bad person, my intentions are generally in the right place.

In any case, if this is how they will handle things, I hope that they are fair and give others the benefit of the doubt as well. People and views do change, I’m living proof of that. I went from left, to right, to independent. Today I address issues rather than party lines. In any case, NYT, we are watching you, I expect you’ll extend similar courtesies to others in the same situation.

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