Nieves Latin Dance Studio

So my wife told me that one of her coworkers invited her to check out a salsa class. My wife is going to a Latin Dance Studio? I’m going with her. I need to see what’s up with them and what they are about right from the jump.

So we went to take the Tuesday 6pm Salsa 101 trial beginner class with two of her coworkers. When you first arrive there is a small period where the new people sign up and fill out a waiver, then at some point, the instructor takes over and start teaching the class.

I’d have to say that the class instruction was pretty good. He did a great job of breaking things down and explaining it all. I’d say it was fairly easy to follow his directions and we received great instruction. I believe the gentleman’s name was Daniel, but I could be wrong. I’m not the best dancer, but I do follow rhythm and can learn patterns, it is just a matter of practice. My wife and her colleagues were also following along for the most part.

At some point after practicing the solo basic movements they move on to what they call partner work. This is the part I don’t really like too much. During the partner work, they have you rotating from one person to another.

All in all, I got to spend about 1 minute dancing with my wife, then the rest of the time I was jumping from one woman to the next. They don’t want us to look down, but to make eye contact with your dance partner or stare at their forehead or something. I wasn’t feeling the switching to begin with, but this made it even more awkward for me.

What I wanted to do here was connect more deeply with my wife, not 15 strangers. This defeated the purpose of my going there today. Instead of learning together, we were both gazing into other people’s faces. That’s my one gripe about the program, other than that I think it was well run, and it is fun IF you are comfortable with switching.

I’ll discuss my thoughts with my wife and see what she thinks. I don’t like the awkwardness I felt and its just not something I’m willing to work on cause I don’t care. Dancing is a very sensual and intimate thing that I wanted us to share together not with random people. That aside, I’d say it was an enjoyable evening and they all seemed to have fun as well.

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