No one is celebrating the death of a kid

And here is where I take issue! If you read this meme, you’ll see that this person thinks we are celebrating the death of a child. By we, I mean the people who were happy that a cop allegedly stopped the shooter in Maryland. (Turns out he may have shot himself by the way.)

We know the guns are here, okay. Understand this point. GUNS ARE IN THIS COUNTRY. We are working on resolving things around guns, but until then GUNS ARE IN THE COUNTRY. Complain all you want, they are here. So we have to deal with that reality. Like it or not.

So this kid comes to shoot up the school and a cop allegedly stops him. I am happy he was stopped, that’s it. I am just happy it was stopped before he could kill any other innocent lives. I am not celebrating his death, but I am happy he was stopped. If he doesn’t get stopped, he kills a bunch of other kids. So if it’s them or him, well, screw him.

Yes, it is a huge problem that kids are shooting up schools, but you know what? I am happy that someone was there to stop him. I’m not a damn murderer, I don’t support murders, and I’m not a Trump Republican. If the options are a bunch of dead kids, or a cop killing this murderer, then I go for the latter. And yes, it is a victory for the good guys. Not because we have guns, not because a kid was killed, but because he was stopped from killing more!

It’s so stupid. They are so against guns that they just want them to magically disappear. These people don’t understand that they ain’t gonna disappear. So what the hell option do you have when confronted by one? You need cops and other citizens with a gun to stop them!

I tell you, the far left and far right are both filled with psychopath extremists who lack the ability to reason and compromise. I fight both sides all the time. One calls me a loony liberal, the other calls me a crazed right winger. Neither side has common sense or reasoning ability. It’s just so annoying.

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