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Y’all know that I’ve been back on my fitness thing now for a few years. I started fat, I lost weight, I became an instructor, and now I am on the path towards that next level, AGAIN. Yeah, I was there once before but I lost it.

On this path, I have come across a revolutionary new program, it’s called #EMSTraining. The team over at Nova Fitness Innovation was awesome enough to invite me to come and try their #EMSTraining methods and fitness gear.

Rather than rewrite it, here is what Jackie Wilson, the founder and CEO of Nova Fitness Innovations has listed on the site about EMS training. But before that, a note on Jackie. No one was introduced to me as the owner of the business, or CEO, etc. But something told me that he was the owner. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something about his demeanor, the way his eyes observed, and his overall energy intrigued me. He has a reserved power and confidence that kind of emanated from him. People have always fascinated me, and I’m extremely observant. If I were you, I’d keep an eye on this man. In any case, as I was saying, here is some info on EMS:

Is NOVA for me?

Athletes such as eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt and Major League Baseball (MLB) Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera have incorporated EMS technology in their workouts.

There are tremendous benefits to EMS training! Shorter bouts of exercise with nearly double the amount calories burned than conventional exercise. EMS increases blood flow, decreases muscle fatigue and soreness, and quicker metabolite removal. Other benefits include:
Aid in pain management
Reduced joint and back pain
Faster recovery time
Increased strength within 2-3 weeks
Increased exercise capacity
Additionally, a large segment of the population suffers from various physical, yet preventable, ailments that often limit individuals from exercise. NOVA’s EMS technology enables people to improve function and achieve optimal movement for activities of daily living.

Regardless of whether you are new to working out or are a weekend warrior, NOVA Fitness Innovation will help you get to where you WANT to be!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big proponent of sticking to the basics. I’ve never been one to subscribe to fad diets, workouts, or gadgets. Well, not in recent years, I can’t say I never did. I mean, we’ve all taken fat burners and garbage like that haven’t we? I’ve believe that all you need is your body, a no nonsense attitude, some time and you’ll eventually hit your goals.

Though I still believe that, I can’t deny that some of the training technologies that are emerging out there can in fact aid you in your fitness goals. Nova Fitness Innovations happens to be implementing one of those technologies in #EMSTraining.

During my training session, we stuck to the basics, just how I like. The workout itself was challenging, but add the fact that while I was working out, this amazing #EMSTraining suit was sending electrical pulses that were making my muscles micro-contract an astonishing 40 time per second! According to the information I was provided, a 30 minute workout was going to yield 90 minutes worth of effort due to the electrical pulses I was receiving. That’s dope! Imagine if I used this during my daily workouts, I’d be jacked!

Do note, while I was there, I actually worked with a human trainer. She asked me about injuries, limitations, and other pertinent training oriented questions. She assessed what was going on and gave me alternate methods of performing the movements that worked with my body and physical limitations. So it should be noted that though Nova is using some cool tech, the one on one human element of a personal training session is still present. I love that.

The facility is brand new, clean, and state of the art. I liked the space and I believe they said that they could have up to 8 clients going at the same time. As mentioned before, you will get the one on one attention of a personal trainer while here, though it may be in the plans to do up to two folks at a time for those who prefer the company. However, any more than that and you will lose the benefit of personal attention, and the nature of this training requires that one on one format.

So when I was trying to get the suit on, it felt pretty damn tight. I was afraid that I’d break it with my big butt, so I asked what size they had given me. I was told that I had a medium, so of course you know I had to joke about that size! I haven’t wore anything medium since I was a child. Even large is a risk for me depending on the garments cut. They were going to give me a bigger one, but it takes some care and effort to get this thing on, so I asked for help zipping up the back, moved around and decided it would work.

The trainer (forgive me, I can remember your name, I told you, I met too many people, I apologize) was pretty awesome. She was gentle, yet very focused, clear, and there was no doubting her authority and command of what she does and what she wanted me to do. I was very impressed, and I was reminded of how valuable one on one sessions can be with knowledgeable trainers.

I didn’t gas out, I didn’t vomit, I didn’t get sick, and I rocked the workout. Granted, I believe that if they wanted to break me, they probably could. I’m tough, and I pride myself on some sick endurance and resistance, but I’m human and I know that I  have a limit. I believe she held back on me, but this is to be expected when working with a new client that you don’t know and are putting through a trial run.

No one wants you to get hurt, or discouraged. I got a great challenging workout, but I wasn’t pushed to the breaking point. I think this is by design though. I could probably learn a thing or two about that, because I like to push myself to the point of near death when I train. Actually, in my recent fitness assessment, they pointed out that I need to slow down and do more LISS if you recall. They said I’m too intense and it’s counterproductive in my case.

These folks have been putting in the marketing work. They’ve appeared on fox, and are working with bloggers and other fitness publications to promote this awesome new studio. I enjoyed it, and I highly recommend giving it a try. At this point in time, I do not have the rates or program plans that will be available. However, if you are in Tribeca, or Midtown, look these folks up and go have yourself a dope, electrified workout! You can click here to book your first trial session! Dude, it’s a trial, what have you got to lose? Click and go try it! And dammit, you better tell them Angel sent you! Don’t play with me! Please note, there is a $25 suit rental fee during the trial. If you decide to join, the suit cost is included in your membership, and then it’s your suit. That’s pretty dope, and I think I want one of these things for myself.

I was told to rest after the session, and that I would be sore the next day. However, like I said, I train a lot, for very, very long periods of time. I don’t bench 415 pounds like I used to back in my youth, but my endurance is pretty damn good for an old, former military, somewhat still fat man. I can go for hours and hours on end. So if its a 90 minute workout in 30 minutes, I still had some juice left in me as I’ve done upwards of 5 hour cardio and conditioning sessions! However, it is my belief that if they wanted to, they probably could have dialed it up, and I’d probably be puking again! I saw some of what Jackie does in his videos and I can’t do that crazy stuff. Though there’s nothing like driving yourself to puke during a workout is there?

I did feel somewhat tired the next day, a bit sore. I was thirsty and kept peeing all night. I wasn’t beat enough to keep me from teaching my Zumba class and doing an hour of cardio after though! BEASTMODE! If you have been training regularly, you should be okay the next day. If you are a lazy slouch, you are probably going to be in a world of hurt come the morrow!

Check Novaout, and if you do, remember to tell them that Angel from NYCTalking sent you!

Thanks Noah, Jackie, and the whole team at Nova Fitness Innovations for the awesome experience! I wish you guys the best of luck!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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