Nuts that lower testosterone

Yo! I just totally had a mega WTF moment. Everyday for the past two years or so, I have been getting a protein shake after training. The shake I get and love is called the “Peanut Butter Cup.” This shake is made with almond milk, peanut butter, chocoholics choice, and chocolate protein. Okay, all good so far, right? WRONG!

I’ve been doing research the past few months, and I came across some information that stated that there are actually several nuts that we should avoid if we are trying to increase our testosterone count. Two of those damn nuts are in my daily shake, the shake I’ve been taking for two years! FACCCKKKKK MEEE!!!!

Those of you who follow my work, you know that I’ve been trying to jack up my testosterone as I’ve gotten older. Sometime ago I had a blood test done, and I asked for my T count to be checked, it came back a bit low.

There are several reasons that this could be, obviously I’m getting older. But I’ve also dropped a lot of weight and do a shit ton of cardio. Lots of cardio can suppress your testosterone. As such, I’ve added more strength training, and dialed back on the cardio. I’m opting for shorter more intense sessions of hiit training.

Now add to the mix this damn shake that I’ve been taking as a potential reason. Apparently, these nuts raise your SHBG by 10% to 20%. Now I’m not gonna front like I know what the hell all this means on a scientific level. However, I understand that SHBG lowers the amount of free testosterone that is bio-available for use by our body for muscle growth, etc. This is no bueno as my research indicates that we only have about 2% to begin with, while the other 98% stays locked up by SHBG. Anything that can adversely affect that T count should be avoided.

I’ve been taking supplements, and eating foods that are supposed to help elevate my testosterone, yet all this time I have been fighting against that because I was unaware of the effect these nuts were having on my body. This is why I thought I’d share it with you.

The nuts that are listed as harmful towards your testosterone efforts are, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios and almonds.

Conversely, there are some nuts that can help in testosterone production, we covered those here, but I’ll list them for your benefit. The nuts that will help your testosterone efforts are Macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts and Tiger nuts, roar! I’ve purchased the first two, don’t think I’ve ever had tiger nuts.

In any case, starting today that shake is gone from my diet, as is almond milk altogether. I’ll be replacing the milk with water, which will lower my calories even more, but more importantly, it will stop messing with my testosterone. Hey, we learn something new everyday, and you guys know I love to share my findings! I’m highly annoyed as I imagine my progress would have been greater if I knew about this sooner, but better late than never!

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