NYC Motorcycle Biker Controversy: The Good, the Bikes and the Rover

It’s been all the rave, the Asian driver and the mixed motorcycle biker group. A group that not only included civilians, but also included the very people that we are FORCED to depend on for our safety and protection in this city, the New York police department. I think that it is crazy, but not all that surprising that the “popo” was involved. It turns out that at least one off-duty police officer participated in the damaging of the vehicle and did absolutely nothing to stop the violence. In fact, the “popo” was part of the initial assault on the man’s family.

For those unfamiliar with street slang, “popo” is another for police. Hahah. Ebonics with Angel Rodriguez.

So if the people that are meant to protect us are taking part in these troublesome activities, then what are we supposed to do? I’m sure you all saw the video. You saw what happened there; the biker came to a stop and provoked the first collision. Though the situation appears perfectly clear to me, it baffles me that some people still side with and are fighting on behalf of the bikers.

There is only one scenario where I’d even consider giving them the benefit of the doubt, and that would require Lien somehow doing something wrong prior to the video taking place. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and in my opinion, would not justify violence. In addition,

I have encountered these large groups of motorcycle gangs. They are exactly what you’d expect! A bunch of vehicular bullies and troublemakers! They often attempt to intimidate drivers and surround them, drive slow, block traffic, ride on sidewalks, perform dangerous stunts, and one day one of them even threw a half-full plastic Pepsi bottle at me! He said, “It’s flat, take that s*** and throw it in the trash, little white ‘n-word’!” Then the bottle came flying across my feet and a bunch of them laughed, roared their engines, stood on the freaking seat and drove off yelling obscenities in my direction. Such as “White B**** made ‘n-word’!” Why would anyone question that these men are great upstanding citizens?

I WAS WALKING YO! I wasn’t even in traffic, and they messed with me. So yes, I’ve seen them in action on and off the road. Thugs, troublemakers, hooligans. Now it turns out that there are cops in their midst! What are we law-abiding citizens supposed to do when these guys decide to victimize us? Instead of trying to ban large soda, taking away our gun rights and performing random searches, maybe the NYPD should start to crack down on this trash? It’s obviously clear that they start trouble and harass the populous! How many more incidents before the government decides to take the necessary action to protect its citizens and stop these people?

Just a reminder for you guys, I live in NYC; this is where this actually happened. So, if I randomly disappear and abruptly stop posting on Clashdaily, then you know what group to start searching for!

Here’s a hypothetical question that came up in my thoughts. What do you think would have happened if those bikers were white and the driver, and his family were black? Now I know Lien is Asian, but in this case, society will treat him as a “white”; this may not be PC, but you know it’s true. That being said, what do you think would have happened?

Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? Hate crime? Would they be President Obama’s relatives, too? Would he have called them? I would bet the farm that the reaction among the Liberal controlled media and the NYC political bodies would be different. Now I know all the riders were not black, but the same that applies to Lien applies to them in this scheme. They are all black, and he is white; I’ve seen the divide on Facebook and Twitter among my friends and strangers alike. It always ends up being about race.

Why can’t people be objective and focus on facts in contrast to blind, racial allegiances? That’s just the way it is though, isn’t it? People most often line up according to race contrary to the facts and the general situation. Maybe one day we will advance past that, but until then, be careful with those bike riders out there!

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