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NYC Pays Settlement To Machete Wielding Man Shot By NYPD

NYC has paid out a $5,000 settlement to a man who menaced police officers with a machete. The guy pleaded guilty, his lawyers admit that he was wrong, and all parties involved concur that the shoot was a clean shoot.

This idiot sued the city for 3 million dollars, and because they don’t want to drag this out, they have settled with giving him $5,000. NYPD members, Bratton, and many others have expressed disgust and outrage at this. It sets a terrible precedent.

What is the message that we are giving criminals by providing this man with even one cent! $5,000? I say he gets 5,000 days in prison for each million that he sued for! Add an extra 5,000 days for even thinking about this lawsuit!

This man is wrong, and everyone knows it, yet the city made this settlement. New York never ceases to amaze me.

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