NYC Subway Series: Blocking the train doors!

So I am a gentleman, generally I will let ladies get on the train first. I’ll step aside, let them get on, and then work my way in after they are all in. I’ll even grab the doors to ensure that they don’t close up. That’s just my style.

However, one thing that drives me absolutely bonkers, is when I do this for them, and then one of them has the audacity to stop right at the damn train entrance. It’s as if to say; I’m in, screw you… Come on yo, wtf? I’m trying to get home too, you know what I’m saying? Move your ass. Move your luggage. Move your bag. Let me on and get the heck out the way.

My question to you is this; what kind of human being does something like that? I know that they saw me standing there, I was there before they even arrived. I held the door, and then they just block my path. What kind of person is so absentminded or inconsiderate that they would do something like that?

I’ll tell you who, the person I just shoved my way pass, that’s who. Seriously, if you are that much of an ass, then you deserve the push you will get as I and the others you are blocking force our way onto the train. What, did you think? Perhaps that I am standing there and holding doors for sport? No, a brother wants to get home just like you do. So please move in, or at least make way for us to get in. Otherwise, you will be pushed, totally negating my initial act of kindness towards you.

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