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NYC101: Blocking the way!

New Yorkers are always on the go. The title of “the city that never sleeps” is well deserved. What this means is that whether it is 5am or 6pm, you have got to move!  This is another installment in my NYC Street Etiquette series: NYC101!

One of the most annoying things to a New Yorker is a slow-moving person. Sorry grandma, we’ll work around you and respect your age, but we are trying desperately to work around you. You can’t blame grandma though! We know old people, or injured people will move slower. My mom is one of those, and we aren’t mad at y’all!

I tell you who we can blame though, that foolish person that stops hard in the center of traffic, or that person that decides to stop and think, talk, or take a picture in between a New Yorker stampede! What about that very big person that decides to stand by the train doors and doesn’t make space to let people off and on? Can you say New Yorker aneurysm?

Blocking the way!

When it comes to our pace, we don’t play! Once we get moving, it’s hard to stop or adjust our trajectory! Especially when you have 10 people walking behind you, and to the left and to the right at the same pace. It’s just like driving, except with very irritable humans. Lol. Seriously, I find myself checking my blind spots before passing or going left or right! So please, don’t stop hard, or you are probably going to get hit!

Mind you, it’s not intentional! It’s just the flow of traffic is moving fast, and if you hard stop, we may not have enough time to react. In other cases stopping would require that we absorb a hit in order to avoid hitting you. The question then becomes, why would I absorb a hit so that your inconsiderate butt doesn’t get hit? I don’t think so pal! Don’t stop hard or short like that! Think traffic y’all!

We recognize that sometimes there is a puddle, or some obstruction on the way that forces a hard stop. That we will understand, but stopping to take a picture, that’s going to annoy the heck out of us!

Blocking the train doors!

I know you like to think that you are small, transparent, or alone in the world. However, no, you are not! Hi, my name is Angel! I’m trying to either get on or off the train, and you my friends are blocking my path. I’ll say excuse me, but by having to let you know that you need to make space for us to get on and off, we are already annoyed. This is seen as an act of defiance, because you absolutely have to know that we can’t walk through you! Right? So why block the way?

I’m notorious for standing by the door, but hey; I do my best to make myself tiny and not block the way! Alternatively, I get off or otherwise move! It’s common sense. People can’t get on or off the train if you are in the way! Why do some people not realize this?

A few days ago, there were two big boys standing near the door. Neither of these two troglodytes seemed to want to move. They were involved in a very intense conversation about football. So as I mentioned earlier, if we have to say “excuse me” for something that should be obvious, we get annoyed. Interestingly enough, these guys decided to simply stare at me, they had the nerve to look at me hard, and they didn’t budge! Really? Excuse me. Pardon me, fellas.

This is where the silent language of wolves comes into play, I covered that topic here! You don’t have to say anything, by the lack of action, and the nasty looks, you have been challenged! These guys are basically saying to me “We are not moving, walk to the other doors and get off.” Uhm, I don’t think so big boys! I may be smaller, but I’m a wolf! When they didn’t move, I said out loud “ok then!” I advanced and forced my way out of the train by basically shoving and squeezing by them. I watched my six to ensure they weren’t going to swing on me as I walked and carried on my way.

I don’t recommend this method in dealing with people like these guys unless you are fully prepared for the possible consequences! If you bear your wolf teeth, be prepared to bite, and willing to get bitten! Otherwise keep your tail between your legs and walk out through another door!

So folks, please try and not block the train doors. If you do stand there like I often do, then at least make yourself small and be courteous to those people getting on and off the train!

Thank you for not blocking the way!

In conclusion, we know things happen! However, we will be most grateful if you don’t make us “run you over” by hard stopping or blocking the way!

Oh, one final offense that I am terribly guilty of doing! Walking and texting! Not everyone can do this successfully! Even as I’m writing this piece, I’m strategically dodging people as I type  on my phone. Oh hell no, that guy is not walking on the right! Ugh! Anyway, my time is very limited, and I have no choice but to write during my commute! However, as good as we think we are at walking and typing, we aren’t! So look up and pay attention to where you are going! This will prevent you from getting bumped, robbed, and even from becoming the victim of the “knockout game.” Awareness is the key!

Do you have any points that I may have missed that you’d like to contribute? We’d love to hear your stories!

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6 years ago

RT @NYCTalking: NYC101: Blocking the way! #nyc101 #nyc #etiquette #rules #survival #nyctalking #newyorkcity #streetl…

6 years ago

RT : NYC101: Blocking the way! #nyc101 #nyc #etiquette #rules #survival #nyctalking #newyorkcity #streetlif…

6 years ago

RT : I present the next installment in my famed @NYCTalking segment: NYC101. Today’s topic: GET OUT THE WAY!…

6 years ago

I present the next installment in my famed @NYCTalking segment: NYC101. Today’s topic: GET OUT THE WAY! #nyc101 #nyc

6 years ago

NYC101: Blocking the way!

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