NYCTalking 12: Iran, Trainers, Sexy…

Happy New Year and welcome back to the NYCTalking podcast! Going forward, I think that I’ll simply be pressing record and talking. This is a different approach to how I have usually done the podcast. Normally I’d spend hours and hours editing it to near perfection. Because of the time it takes, I have not been able to put up as much content as I’d like. So going forward I will be using this new format. I hope you like it!

War with Iran?

President Trump dropped a bomb on a high ranking Iranian General. As expected, extremists on the left and those on the right have already started to flood the airwaves with their political diatribes. On one side you have the whiny ones begging to not be killed, while on the other you have the bigots wishing bacon was dropped with the bombs.

Loss of a friend.

We often say that life is precious and fragile, but do we really understand that? Recently, I have seen two young, beautiful active women simply just die. No lead up to it, no accident, nothing, just here one day and gone the next. It’s heartbreaking and a staunch reminder to live your best life and love your loved ones hard!

What is sexy?

Sexy, such as beauty is a very subjective thing. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s talk about it though.

Should trainers look fit?

This is a tough one because I don’t want to be judgmental and body shame, but should a personal trainer be held to a higher standard? Could you trust a physical fitness trainer who is not in good shape to get you in shape? Should you practice what you preach, let’s discuss this.

Home Meal Prepping VS Outside Services.

Let’s chat about meal prepping at home versus using companies like Trifecta.

Thanks for listening to the NYCTalking podcast. Stay tuned for more frequent episodes!

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