NYCTalking 8: My son was assaulted on the train!

Some days ago, a coward who my son accidentally brushed against while exiting a very crowded train surprise elbowed him in face. The coward obviously caught him off guard and hit him so hard that he ruptured my boy’s eardrum. My son said that the man looked like he was high on drugs and clearly violent. As such he did the smart thing and removed himself from the scene.

The more I think about it, pride and ego aside, the more I’m glad he did that rather than engage with some high psychopath. Lord knows if this guy had a knife or a gun on him.

He should have probably looked for a police officer or something to report it, but that’s okay. If you have never encountered violence, there’s no telling how you will deal with it the first time.

Even my friends and I who are fairly well trained in self defense would seek to avoid a violent confrontation because no matter how good of a fighter you are, you can’t really fight against a gun or a knife.

All that being said, I think it is far better to have the odds stacked in your favor should you find yourself in this or a similar situation.

My son has finally agreed to start some form of self defense training with me. I’ll try to teach him some basics of body and hand control which will give him a better chance of surviving this type of encounter until law enforcement or other help arrives.

Basically, you want to be able to subdue, restrain and neutralize the threat as effectively and as quickly as possible. I’m no expert, but we’ll do some work together. Hopefully it sparks a fire and maybe he seeks further training as well.

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