NYCTalking 1: Brooklyn hero saves kid being robbed

The NYCTalking Podcast is back. To keep it simple, I’m going to start using seasons from now on. I’m just gonna call this season 1, episode 1. Everything before this will just be whatever it is. Meh, who cares just listen to the podcast and know this is how I’ll label them going forward. LOL.

NYCTalking 1 - Brave man saves kid being chased by gang!


On today’s episode we will talk about my return to Brazilian Jiujitsu. After a nearly 13 year hiatus, I’ve put my white belt back on and returned to the mats. Are white belts tough? What make us different from the traditional martial arts? Have a listen for that and more!

My momma bear had knee replacement surgery. She’s been going through it, but family and friends are trying to keep her spirits up! Its tough, but we are there for her and we will get through this together. I love you mom.

Finally, we will discuss this amazing story where a group of thieves were chasing a young man with knives and pipes trying to steal his moped. Remembering what happened to Junior from the Bronx, 43 year old Brooklyn resident Vincent Millan stepped in to help save this kid using a bicycle seat. He ended up needing stitches on the back of his head, but he said he would not stand idle and allow this kid to get killed. Kudos to this man. If more members of the community started to step up, perhaps we could close in on and destroy these damn criminals!

I’ll touch on my own experiences and talk about the time that I stepped into a department store during an attempted robbery and beat down. Same as is often the case now, they didn’t want to help me or call the police. I was on my own. As I mentioned, if the people stopped being such cowards, we could take our city back!

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