NYCTalking 2: Are New Yorkers really mean?

Game of Thrones is back ya’ll, it’s gonna get crazy this last season! Also, we got the Avengers Endgame coming out in a few weeks! Woot woot! I already have my tickets and I just can’t wait for this film! The ending of two amazing story lines are happening this year. I’m sad to see them end, but super excited to watch them!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “why did you start to lift weights, work out, or take martial arts?” Let’s explore that and see what drives you down that path. For me, it was about survival. Becoming stronger, tougher, trained, confident and surviving in the streets. This is something I share in common with one of the greatest boxing champions of all time, Iron Mike Tyson!

In the past, I’ve always wore a cup in training. I made the case for that here. But let’s revisit this and talk about the reason why I stopped wearing a cup in training. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to my homeboy Will Collazo. You my brother are the essence of the camaraderie that can exist in brazilian jiujitsu. I wish you all the best on what you got coming up! You got this brother!

You know, us New Yorkers get a bad rep. We can actually be very nice, but don’t get it twisted, we can definitely be mean if necessary. Here we’ll talk about both sides of the coin. On one hand you have a bunch of New Yorkers working together to help a man pull his briefcase from in between the train and the platform. How it got there is a mystery. Then we get into this nasty woman who acted entitled and simply annoying on the train.

Would you snitch on someone if you were wronged by them, or would you catch a charge even though you are innocent? Will you leave your family for years at a time over some bs that you weren’t even involved with to uphold some fictitious street code which you never even signed up for in the first place? Listen to the examples provided prior to answering the question.

Let’s talk about how a gentle smile can make your day. This old lady had a smile which soothed my soul! It was a picture perfect smile.

Mama bear updates! Mom is busting her butt to regain her mobility and she should be going home soon! She’s walking and moving more and more!

Angel Rodriguez

Please take note of the date on a post. Over the years my views have evolved. I'm constantly learning and growing.
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