NYCTalking 3: Diet fails, BJJ & Yoga, respect the tap!

I’ve been meal prepping for a while, but there comes a point that you just get sick of eating the same damn thing over and over! Especially when that which you cook is dry and way overcooked chicken. Also, how much sweet potato can a person eat before they are just done with it? These are my current struggles around meal prepping.

Frankly, I’m just sick of eating the crappy chicken that I cook. I think that this may have been how I lost my physique the first time. I think I hit that point where I was just fed up with the healthy food and then I just went over the deep end! So how do you get to that next level when food is a struggle for you? We know that nutrition is a crucial element towards achieving success! So is it just a matter of suck it up buttercup? Do I need to learn how to cook better? Do I need to hire a chef?

I’ve realized one thing folks, I train hard, I do sacrifice and have discipline, but I am no longer willing to sacrifice myself to the point where I am suffering pain or discomfort the way that I used to. This time around I’m taking a (much) slower approach, but one that I hope is sustainable. I train really hard and often, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not slacking. I’m just not willing to hit the point where I pass out or have frequent headaches. I don’t want to reach the point where I become a miserable jerk again.

Speaking of dedication, I think I definitely need to pace myself for BJJ. Last week I overdid it in bjj training after taking 2 weeks off due to a medical procedure and injury. You have to pace yourself at my age, take your time as there is no rush! There is no pressure to get anywhere or “win” all the time. After that brutal, savage training week, I’ve now added yoga into my routine and I have dialed down the number of strength and cardio sessions I do. This is in a bid to help my body recover and to prevent future injuries. Remember, sustainability!

Finally, we chat about respect the tap! You can read more about that here as well!

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