NYPD Manhunt For Fare Evasion

So the NYPD is now launching manhunts for fare evasion! Well, not really. Rhamar Perkins was in custody of the NYPD, and somehow managed to flee the precinct. He was held for the theft of $2.75, but since he ran away after being in custody, he will now be in a lot more trouble.

Was it smart of him to escape from custody? Absolutely not, this act takes a very simple charge, and makes it much more complicated. Also, he happens to look pretty black to me, so we can expect that a judge will punish him to the highest extent of the law. You know, cause he’s black. Expect no sympathy, or someone to say, “He was just scared, he didn’t want his mom to know.” He’ll get none of that, the judge will say, “Send his butt to the prison pipeline, maximum penalty, next…”

Should he have been able to escape, and should the NYPD have launched a manhunt for him? Probably not. I mean, it’s not like the guy is going to go on tv and announce that he escaped. Perhaps they should have taken the loss and moved on. But no, we can’t have that, can we? He’s black, and we have to keep those warm bodies in prison. You know, to pay for the rich people’s salary who run the prison complex. Oh, and he’s black, that would be an embarrassment if a low fare evader escaped from the almighty NYPD!

I think that the NYPD should share in the blame for allowing him to escape, charge him for the fare evasion, and call it a wash. He shouldn’t have escaped, but had they not allowed him to escape, then the entire manhunt and situation would have been avoided. You can’t entirely pin it on him. But you know they will try.

Next comes the massive manhunt, helicopters and all. They didn’t even find the dude, he turned himself in some hours later. You have to give a fella some sort of break for that? I mean this whole situation is ridiculous, but at the end of the day, Rhamar will probably lose his freedom, and we, the tax payers will foot the bill for his manhunt, as well as his extended stay. So who really are the losers in this case?

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