Obama releasing more enemies?

The Obama administration is set to release a Hezbollah commander with no consequences at all. We all know Obama is anti-Guantanamo bay, but this much so?

Iraqi courts tried and cleared Ali Musa Daqduq of all wrong doing.  Charges which include torturing and killing American soldiers.  Some say that Obama hid information that protected the anti-American Daqduq.

Rep. Allen West wrote the administration requesting answers as to why this man was being released by our side. Apparently they are saying it was a Bush era agreement to release Iraqi citizens, but this man is Lebanese.

This is yet another person that can hurt our troops and our citizens that has been released. If you recall we recently wrote about how military commanders release captured insurgents if they promise to behave. WOW!

I have never cared much for voting, (See George Bush Florida recount) but this time around I may have to. I think if we allow it, Obama will continue weakening our country and endangering our citizens and service members. I don’t want another four years of this, we may not be able to recover. Even my mom complained about him, stating since elections are coming up, “Now he is paying us attention”!

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