Officer Shoots Black Man Who Broke Into His Home

Okay folks, let’s state this clear as can be: Black lives matter. Okay, that’s my stance on it, I am a supporter.

Now let’s state something else, YOU DO NOT BREAK INTO A PERSON’S HOME! That is just not something that you do. As a gun owner, I hope that I never, ever, ever have to deal with something like this. Especially in a place like NYC.

If you are in your home, with your family, and somebody breaks in, then you should do whatever it takes to protect your home and family. If that means someone is getting shot and killed, then I am truly sorry. If it comes down to his life, or your family’s life, I think we can all agree who wins that coin toss.

I don’t advocate for anyone’s death, but what did this dude expect to happen? If you break into a cop’s house, what do you expect the end result to be? I’m sorry for the guy’s family, but this death was completely avoidable.

Apparently, they had a disagreement on Facebook over BLM, and the black man came over to the cop’s house, asked to come in, was obviously denied, and then attempted to force his way in. Seriously, what did you expect to happen? Again, I’m sorry, but this was avoidable. If he was mentally sick, then whoever was responsible for him, should have been monitoring his movements, facebook, etc. This young man had no business going over to the officer’s home.

Going over to the cop’s house, or a civilian’s house, or any house for that matter, threatening the family, breaking in, forcing them (including a toddler) to flee, this was just a very bad move with only one foreseeable outcome. I don’t see how this could have gone any other way. I’m truly sorry for the loss of life, but if it comes down to you or his family, who did you expect he’d choose?

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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