Old friend with an attitude problem

I value my past friendships and on occasion facebook will pop someone up whom I haven’t spoken to in ages. This was the case some time ago. The brother of one of my friends showed up on my timeline. I used to hang out with his brother all the time, so I reached out thinking that I was talking to an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in decades.

I sent him a message and I identified myself and expressed my desire to reconnect. The response was very cold and dismissive, “Angel? So and so’s old friend. Yeah, so? Okay, what do you want?” Ouch, damn homie, okay!

At that point I just replied “Absolutely nothing. You take care of yourself man.” I deleted and ended the conversation right then and there. I wanted to reconnect and see what’s going on after all these years, but if they are taking that type of standoffish attitude and bringing that level of negativity right from the introductions, I have no interest in knowing someone like that. My mistake for reaching out to him.

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