Old lady with a gentle smile

I was waiting on the bus and I saw this older woman waiting too. I didn’t make eye contact or really interact with her. She was an elder with a cane and moved very slowly. That as much notice as I took of her. Just the same, she didn’t seem to pay me much mind either. We were just two individuals going about their business.

Anyway, as we rode the bus, I was seated relatively close to her. Once again we didn’t engage or interact in any way, shape or form.

At one point I saw her reach and press her stop button. She then turned around and looked right at me. I smiled softly at her and she returned what had to be the kindest, most gentle and tender smile I’ve seen in a long time. Her eyes twinkled, her cheeks glowed and her smile could melt your heart. I don’t recall seeing her teeth, but that didn’t diminish the power of her smile or energy.

She appeared like such a gentle soul and I wanted to know her. I didn’t attempt to make contact because that could have been creepy, but I was curious to know of her life story. In any case, her smile warmed my soul on a chilly evening while on the way to getting my butt handed to me at Brazilian jujitsu training.

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