Old Racists

Lately I have seen quite a few videos about old racists. Now racists, you know they come in all ages, but these specific ones were rather up there in the years.

Perhaps you remember this gem, she seemed to have a problem with these people because they were black. Although, in her defense, I think that she appears to be losing her mind. Like, actually losing her mind. This means that perhaps she’s been a racist all along, but had the sense to keep her mouth shut. Now, as she’s losing her marbles, the filters that kept her racism buried are no longer working! Oops! Wake Forest Baptist Medical center relieved her of her volunteer duties after this spectacle.

Here’s the latest one I have come across, this one was shared out by my friends over at Latino Rebels, and involves an EMPLOYEE at Avis losing her mind over some people speaking Spanish. Avis has not yet responded to any media inquiries. I actually covered this topic of speaking a language that people can’t understand around others. I do think it is rude if you are among friends, and they choose to speak another language knowing full well that you don’t understand. I covered that topic here.

That doesn’t apply to a conversation that doesn’t involve you though. My issue is only if we are together, and you omit me by speaking with the group in another language. I believe that in the case here, she just appears to have become offended because “What you people do is rude.” You people. LOL. That’s the new S and N word, “you people.”

To summarize, I think that the visionary comedian Bill Burr had it right. Some people just live far too long, and go beyond their “time period.” To them this is normal, it was the way things were done when they were young, and they can’t understand why it’s wrong to turn away one of those black or brown people, this is normal, it’s what we’ve always done.

LOL. Well, times a changing people, times a changing! I reckon you’d better get with the times, or find yourself a job with the KKK or something.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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