Older German couple wanted to have sex

When I was younger, I used to party a lot. One of my favorite places to go was Webster Hall, I really loved that grimy ass club.

I remember one night, I was in the Top 40 room, and this middle aged German woman started to dance with me. She told me she was here on vacation and we were having a blast dancing. At one point, she comes in close and tries to kiss me. I kind of pulled back and then she started to kiss my neck and lick me. I wasn’t very attracted to her, but I gotta admit, I was getting turned on by her moves.

Then out of nowhere, I felt someone behind me. I turned around, and I saw this man which appeared to be her same age, and he pulled back after I turned around. He continued dancing and nodded at me. Immediately my radar goes off and I’m thinking they trying to set me up. So I pulled away from her and she said don’t worry, that’s my husband.

I was confused, she was licking my neck and pulling my shirt up, and there was her husband. He then circled around while still dancing and got behind his wife. He was grinding behind her, and she went back to licking me. They motioned towards the door and told me they had a room nearby. I was all like, NO! LOL. I’m good y’all, thank you but no thank you.

Come on, we are having fun, let’s go back and party at our place. I replied, I’ll party with her, not with you man. But its a package deal, don’t knock it til you try it. Nah, I’m good, and I started to move away. They got the message, expressed disappointment in me and then moved one. For those who haven’t gotten the memo, I’m not into dudes, at all. So no, I’m not going into a threesome with a man and his wife. And that was the time an older German couple wanted to have sex with me.