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Online Training with Wes Watson

I’ve been back in the fitness grind now for a couple of years. Every so often I reach a point where I’d like an extra set of eyes to provide some external help, influence, guidance, etc. I don’t know all that there is to know and I’m aware of that. I’m not too proud or ego bound to admit that.

Over the years, while training, teaching Zumba, Strength and other cardio classes, I’ve also worked with various personal trainers. You may have read about my work with James Kiang or Tom Ram. Most recently I’ve decided to give a try to a gentleman I came across online via youtube and IG.

Wes Watson of Watsonfit is a highly motivated individual and his no bs, no nonsense approach to training and overall life caught my attention. I decided that I’d pay him for the month of coaching and see how it worked out for me.

Find what’s hard and do that! Don’t do what’s easy, stop being fraudulent!

In addition to covering fitness, Wes is also known for sharing stories from his time in the penitentiary system. Clearly that experience has provided him with great insight into what most of us who’ve always been out here take for granted. It’s similar to those of us who have served in the military or come from challenging backgrounds. Those experiences give us a different perspective. Wes is particularly interesting because he’s taken all those hard experiences, survived and used them to mold him into the person he is today. His IG stories motivate the hell out of you and in some cases provide you with a much needed reality check.

You are a grown man and you are going to let a snack dictate your life? A grown man and you can’t resist a  snack?

Before we proceed, there’s something you need to understand about training though. Some things are universal, the information exists, it’s out there and it doesn’t often change. The key to fitness is training, eating right, and most importantly: BEING CONSISTENT. That’s all there is to it when it comes to fitness. Then, within those points there are a hosts of options and approaches that you can take.

In any case, I was curious so I signed up via his website. Shortly after submitting my info I got a text from him and I opted to give the month a try. I wanted to learn about his approach to training, eating, etc. Wes provided some workouts for me to perform about 4 days a week or so. I told him that I train BJJ and I also teach several fitness classes a week. Honestly, I’m not sure if that was factored in, we didn’t really talk in great detail about the plan, it was just provided to me. I thought it would be a bit more interactive and we’d really hammer out the fine details together. That wasn’t really the case and left me a bit disappointed.

I won’t be going into details regarding the training methods or diets Wes provided for me because I don’t want to take money out of his pockets by putting his methods out here for free. However, I will say this, there is no magic formula that Wes, Tom, James, myself or anyone else can provide you. There are some sound basics that more often than not can lead to success. Wes provided me with some information that I already knew but needed reminding. The bottom line is you either do it or you don’t. Your appearance will tell the tale. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t tell the tale I’d like but that’s on me and my sub-par choices.

Not long ago I was speaking with my son about my struggle regarding which approach I should take when lifting weights. I’d been struggling with how I should continue given all of my training activities, limitations and recent injuries. I think that the universe put probably put Wes in my path to answer those questions and to set me on the right path.

With that being said, because of my prior experience and existing knowledge, I think I have all that I need from Wes to proceed towards my objectives. I’ve come close and these minor adjustments may be just what the doctor ordered. I just need to cut out the garbage eating and to stop being fraudulent! Right now my diet is fraudulent as hell about 30% of the time, and in fitness that’s a lot!

In any case, Wes knows his stuff and can be helpful to you on your journey. If you’d like to work with someone who has a more hands on approach, perhaps you should look locally for a trainer who can actually sit and work with you in person, this might not be for you. I believe that Wes is in Cali and he can’t physically be there to train all of his clients. The training is all done remotely over a mobile app. I’ve seen quite a few people experience success working with trainers remotely. You can definitely make some progress this way. I feel that knowledge is knowledge and it doesn’t require physical contact. Just understand that Wes ain’t coming to your home or gym. I’m sure you could possibly work this out with him, but I don’t think this is his normal protocol.

Personally, this remote thing doesn’t work very well for me. I need a bit more of a hands on approach in order to continue with someone long term, but this may work well for you. Everyone has their own needs and requirements. I tend to need more individually tailored attention because I have too much going on.

Generally, when you work with a trainer at the gym you get about an hour or so to work together. One hour dedicated just for you several times a week. That’s kind of hard when working with someone remotely. Although, personal training does cost significantly more per session so I guess it makes sense. Also, this big man is in very high demand. I mean, look at him, his results speak volumes as to his ethics in the gym, diet, consistency, etc. The man is in high demand and for good reason!

NYCTalking wishes Wes continued success on his training and online endeavors. Though we won’t be renewing the training contract as we have all the tools we need, we will definitely continue following and learning from him about life and mindset via his IG and Youtube channels. We are happy to see our fellow brothers making some good moves! Respect and best of luck!

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10 months ago

Hey WATSON… Let me tell you been a Change in my LIFE. For real. I’m from East LA . Thank you for your time and PASSION… You are a A REAL PERSON. I NEED TO CHANGE… Like you said. Nothing is FREE…

9 months ago


How’d you go getting out of it once the month was up? Do they ask you if you want to sign for another moth or does it just stop and nothing happens?

7 months ago

How much did it initially cost?

Hector Tavares
Hector Tavares
5 months ago

Hey angel can you also let me know privately?

4 months ago

Hi Angel ,could you also let me know ?

5 months ago

Hey brother, great breakdown! I’m also interested in working with Wes but am curious about the price (don’t want to waste anyone’s time by booking a call unless I know it’s something I can afford right now). Can you shoot me an email with the details also? Thanks!

3 months ago

Can you send me information?


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