Oral vs Intercourse

Obsession With Penis Size

I read somewhere (sorry, I can’t find the original source) that 45% of men, women, or both prefer oral sex to intercourse. I have to say, I found that somewhat surprising.

I love oral sex, I love to receive it and I love to perform it. For me, it is an integral part of foreplay and really works to get me turned on. But it’s just that, foreplay. I think it is part of the warmup process for the main event. I also think it can serve as a break or a tool to get you ready for round 2, 3 and 4!

That being said, I like the act of intercourse as much or more than oral sex. I like to hear the woman’s moans, heavy breathing, screams, or whatever hot ass sounds she makes during sex. I also love to see her facial expressions and taste her mouth while I’m inside of her. That’s also a huge turn on for me, I love licking lips (both) and tasting her.

Don’t get me wrong, I love oral sex, a lot! I’m totally down with a random out of nowhere oral sex finish! I do think it is very important, but as I stated before, generally, it’s part of the warmup for me. 45% preference is a really high number and I’m rather surprised.

Which do you prefer?

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