Netflix Original Series: Orange is the new black

So I haven’t finished this show yet, but I’m about seven episodes in on this Netflix original series: Orange is the new black. I remember when my wife started watching this series a few months ago, it definitely caught my interest from the start. It didn’t create a burning interest to watch it like say a “Breaking Bad” did though. However, Orange is the new black definitely hit the back-burner of netflix shows that I wanted to watch.

I finally got around to start the series last week. You know, let me start by saying this; it starts very slowly! In fact, the first episode was boring the tears out of me, and I almost gave up on the entire show before I got past this first one, it was that painfully dull to me. However, once you get past that painful start, and Chapman actually begins her prison sentence; the show becomes infinitely more entertaining.

Crazy Eyes loses it on Alex
This is Chapman and Crazy eyes just before the epic “I threw pie for you” when Crazy Eyes loses it on Alex!

With that being said, let me tell you what the premise is here. This is sort of like a comedy, drama, prison show. The series follows an upper-middle class white woman (skin color counts in prison so spare me the PC crap on why I am mentioning her skin color) as she serves time in prison for her involvement in a drug crime. She is far from a real criminal, but she did something stupid and got snitched on. So she decides to surrender and turn herself in order to serve 15 months in prison for transporting drug money to another country for her lesbian lover (spare me the PC crap about mentioning her sexual preference as well because this also factors in, because guess who’s in the same prison as her?). So yes, as she starts to serve her time, this is when the show becomes much more interesting. So, I advise you to get past that boring first episode, though some may actually like it, though for me, it was dull. After that, the show gets much better.

On an unrelated note, I really like Boo. Her demeanor, and ultimately, her choices really catch my attention. Respect Boo!
On an unrelated note, I really like Boo. Her demeanor, and ultimately, her choices really catch my attention. Respect Boo!

The show does things in an interesting way that really gets you interested. Their style creates an opportunity that can easily be spun off into an entire new show that could be based on any one of the supporting characters in it. What they do is that they have a segment that shows Chapman’s (show star) interaction with a specific prisoner, then they cut over and show us a segment of that particular person’s life on the outside before prison. I’ll say that most of them have far more interesting stories than Chapman does, sorry, it’s true.

During her first few days in prison, Chapman gets a crazy eyed stalker. She runs into the ex-lover that probably got her sent to prison. She inadvertently steals a screw driver from shop, and she manages to insult the head of the kitchen! And that’s just the beginning! The show is definitely worth watching; it gets quite entertaining! Check it out!

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Ricki Da Mann

I cant wait for season 2

Angel Rodriguez

I’m still working on season one Ricki Da Mann, but I should probably slow down otherwise I’ll be stuck waiting too. I like to watch them in marathons. I hate waiting! Like right now, waiting on the Walking dead!

Denise Michél

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Netflix Original Series: Orange is the new black


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