Bring Me Back (Original Song) – Featuring Sylvana Joyce & Chris King

Its like every single day I’m waking up to face this world
worries on my mind you know my thoughts they start to swirl
I’m drowning in the truth that only few can bare to know
but if you try to read my eyes I look away and walk along
Start of with confusion that’s the place I’m bound to be
searching for direction only one I see is me
there eyes they look around sure enough there is no other
Hopes and dreams of generations they resting on my shoulder
All their eyes they stop on me, I’m overcome with pressure
I can’t bare to let them down so I swear I will do better
I’m rising to the top, you ask me where I just don’t know
But if you try to hold me back on your back is where you’ll go
My movements cannot be followed I’m going forward a rapid launcher
I’m overcome with power while my soul you try and capture
if I fail to plan a plan then my plan is sure to fail
I’m staring in the mirror I swear I see somebody else now

Bring me back
To myself
I’m lost inside, becoming somebody else

The cross I bear upon my shoulders now it starts to wear me down
you’ll never see me drop defy this weakness all around
I sigh and try to breathe but my breath’s becoming labored
World’s coming down on me call me atlas as I raise her
Standing tall and head held high I’m standing for my truth
I gotta get it right cause this is what I came to do
they all just stand around I see them smile as I fall down
But I rise up to my feet their firmly planted in the ground
See the envy in their eyes cause they hate I’m trying to make it
Introduced him as Goliath, glad to meet you call me David
I’m rising on this plain their jaws drop don’t make a sound
I’m not falling anymore you’ll watch me take those leaps and bounds
Come on…

Bring me back
to myself
I’m lost inside
Please bring me back
Please bring me back

Bring me back
To myself
I’m lost inside, becoming somebody else

(Guitar interlude and Sylvana ad lib vocals)

Bring me back
To myself
I’m lost inside, becoming somebody else

(Chorus Vocals written by AngelR and performed/adlib by Sylvana Joyce. Chris King is rocking out on lead and rhythm guitar.)

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