Dreaming About You (Original Song)

Tears are shed,
you have to learn the hard way.

Dream of you,
I still dream of you,
Full of regret.

They say the grass is greener when you looking from the other side
you taking love for granted when it’s right there by your side
you fail to realize that your love can walk away
until your left with only teardrops don’t know what else you can say
walking out the door cause of the games you used play
it finally hits you man that your girl you love she’s gone away
she found another love that showed he cared right from the start
she gave you all her time, then her heart you tore apart
you a foolish man surviving lost inside your mind
she’s gone forever, forever sentenced for your crime
now you crying shedding tears but your woman she’s no more
chapter closed she’s walking out the door you’re left alone with just remorse
regrets and constant thoughts of the way it used to be
the way she’d say forever, how she led you to believe
vision clouded, blinded eyes, pride you know they cannot see
no one left to blame, cause the blame it falls on me

I’m dreaming about you
the way that you left
I’m still shedding tears
begging please come back

Got me caught up in this moment waking up to scream your name
and as I look up towards the stars I think you’re love’s as far away
I should have never let it end this way
remember words we used to say
missing all your love, each and every single lonely day
At first you made mistakes, yup, then I made some mistakes, yup
the foolish games we played
now the price I have to pay
close my eyes in bed I lay
in my dreams you still remain
look I’m begging you to stay
those lonesome nights you’re far away
to change the past I often pray
left me in this broken state
momentarily relapsing, crying, swallowing the pain
broken hearts become displaced
self destructing once replaced
wipe the tears up off my face
a bleeding heart left in your wake
and still I know it’s far too late
my soul is up on the display
and though I know you can relate
won’t even stop to contemplate
the way you left me in dismay
troubled past you can’t negate
now I suffer cause the sweet love that you felt became replaced

I’m dreaming about you
the way that you left
I’m still shedding tears
begging please come back

Dream of you (I still)
Dream I’m holding you

I’m dreaming about you
the way that you left
I’m still shedding tears
begging please come back

She ain’t coming back.
One way ticket…

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