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NYCTalking has a full, in depth review coming your way, courtesy of one of our guest writers. However, as I was also a guest at this network, tasting event, I want to contribute my quick two cents.

I’ll keep it short and sweet! You have to try the chestnut pasta! This dish was so good! The other pastas were good, but this one is by far my favorite! Apparently I am not alone in this belief. According to the owner Giuseppe, this is one of the more popular dishes. Rightfully so, I really enjoyed it! The sauce is delicious, and the chestnut gives the pasta a little bit of crunch. Look, just try it, trust me man!

The next item you must try, is the duck meat balls. Now, I had reservations about this one. I’m not a big fan of duck, in fact, I never eat duck. But let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen, I found a style that I liked. These come with a orangey sauce base, and it was a homerun! It’s definitely duck, but the way it is prepared, it is really delicious. You should give it a shot, even if like myself, you are not a fan of duck. Giuseppe has the formula to make it work!

ornella trattoria

The owner is an interesting character, he is full of energy and personality. He spent a good deal of time telling us about the business, the history of some foods, and how he cures and prepares his own meats at his farm in the Catskills. He treated us really well, and gave us a wide array of samples. These ranged from ribs, to pasta, to pig’s blood dessert!

This is a local restaurant, with a nice, warm vibe, and food that could be in any mainstream tv chef spot. A dish like that chestnut pasta? Absolutely! Like I said, the owner is really amazing and I think if you hit the spot, you will love him!

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