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After Osha – Quickie Review


Saturday I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood in search of food. Walking around San Francisco, you are bound to break into a sweat and build up an appetite. There are lots of challenging hills to walk, it’s a very hilly city. By the time this place caught my attention while walking along on Sutter, I was very hungry.

I tried this place because it seemed to be geared towards a healthier crowd. Service was okay, it’s sort of like a mix of self service and wait service. Although I think it’s geared towards self service. When I asked for napkins, I was promptly directed to where I could get them myself. Okay, LOL. I didn’t know it was that type of place. However, my tip reflected as such. See, if we are being served, I tip. But I don’t tip at McDonald’s, so if this place is like a McDonald’s in terms of how it functions, then it will be treated as such.

However, comparing this place to McDonald’s is a huge disservice, the food here was pretty damn good. I tried the fresh spring roll with shrimp, and it was pretty good. The rice paper was a little thicker than I’m accustomed to, but that was not a bad thing. It was good, as was the peanut sauce. Felt fresh and clean, healthy.

As the main dish I went with the lemongrass chicken and brown rice. This wasn’t brown rice in the traditional sense, it had some veggies mixed in, but it was pretty damn good. The chicken was crunchy and appeared to be slightly breaded, but was also quite delicious. This is considered fast food, but it’s pretty good for fast food. I’d definitely eat here again, and next time I’ll know to get my own damn napkins! The nerve of that New Yorker tourist! LOL…

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6 years ago

After Osha Review

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