Our puppy is hyperventilating

It seems that when my wife comes home, #peppathepom freaks out to the point of hyperventilating. She seems to get too excited and appears to have trouble breathing. That’s very scary for us. It used to happen to our prior fur baby, Calbee, so it’s nothing new, but still scary.

She’s never done that with me when I come home for lunch or after work, but today when I went home for lunch, she did it. It was a bit prolonged, and I had to hold her a bit until she calmed down. Peppa is very small, and her health always worries me, I mean, everything is miniature size with her.

So the only change that I could think of is that we are trying to leave her outside of her playpen while we are out. Up until this point, whenever we go out, she goes into the playpen for her own safety. Since she appears to be okay and safe roaming the apartment, we have begun to test this. But seeing her reaction today worried me.

I’ve decided to put her back in the playpen and I’ll see how she responds being back in there. I was thinking that maybe having access to all of the home space while we are out is overwhelming or scary for her when alone. Today, for the first time in a while she went into her crate. She would only go in there when we first brought her home because she was scared of everything.

We are all learning and growing together. We want to give her more freedom, but we have to be sure that she is ready and able to handle it. If she hyperventilates even being in the playpen going forward, then we know that its not necessarily due to the freedom. If it stops, then it may well be. Let’s see how things go over the next few days.

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