Overdoing The Cheat Meal

Overdoing the cheat meal is not a good thing. I’ve been training now consistently for about 9 months, and with that I’ve had about 9 months of relatively clean and controlled eating. In no way is my diet the way it was during my 20s, but it is certainly a controlled eating regiment.

I allow myself at least one cheat meal a week. I do not crave pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, etc. However, I know that it is good for your body, and your training goals to provide a surplus of calories on occasion. Even bad, unhealthy calories.

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is starving themselves. Over the years I have learned that our bodies are adapted to survive. The science says that if our bodies think that they are starving, they go into, well, starvation mode. This means that it expects a shortage of food, and begins to store fat. The trick is to keep your body off guard with that. Cut the calories, but just before it freaks out and goes into starvation mode, give it a surplus of good ol’ greasy food. Then your body will be all like, “Oh, son, we good, no need to store fat. We have plenty coming in.”

You repeat this cycle, and next thing you know, you have abs! LOL. Well, it’s not really that easy, but you get my point. My go-to for cheat day has been Bareburger. I go there and have a burger, fries, onion rings, and a milk shake. Every week it is the same thing, and I look forward to, and love it. On occasion, if it is not packed, I’ll jump into Dani’s and get two slices and a fanta.

Those two places are pretty consistent in their product, and especially Bareburger, their food is actually organic, free range, clean and all that good stuff. I love their food. It doesn’t make me feel sick or give me a headache.

On occasion I’ll deviate from the program and eat elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll end up eating a lot of crap. That generally doesn’t work out well for me. I actually end up feeling like crap. I get the headaches, stomach aches, nausea, and so on. So yeah, make sure you get in that cheat day, but remember, your body no longer likes or wants the excessive garbage. Don’t over do it, or you’ll pay for it for days to come.

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