Overdoing it in Yoga

I think that even in a format like Yoga you can overdo things. I have bad wrists and I recall one instructor who spent so much time doing planks that the next day my wrists and bad shoulder were killing me. This was a basics class and as the instructor showed us the moves, she stayed there forever.

There was another time that I took a class and this instructor spent way too much time on one side of the body with a focus on the leg. So much so that they themselves couldn’t hold or complete the poses. They fell out of them several times.

I understand that they try to push us, I am an instructor myself so I know all about that. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it and sometimes they just get ridiculous. You have to split the sides up and spread the load or you risk injury. If you spend half the class only on one side, then the rest on the other, without breaking it up, I think it’s just too much.

I know that everyone has their teaching style, and I’m as tough as they come despite being all banged up due to that very same toughness. But I’m also not unreasonable. I know when things are going too far and becoming a safety risk.

I have been reserved on things like this, but I sometimes wonder if I should pull them to the side and speak up on that. We’ll see, I’ve learned that some discussions ain’t even worth starting.

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