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Last week after dropping my son off at home, the wife and I passed by Metropolitan Avenue and noticed Pampas Argentina. We decided that we want to give it a try sometime and made a mental note. We dropped my son off again in Brooklyng today, and on the way back we decided to stop and give this place a try.

I have to say I rather like the place. The ambience and decorations are nice. The restaurant looks and feels clean, and the service was quite adequate.

They start you off with these two little pieces of bread with some tomatoes, a bruschetta of sorts, and a couple of pieces of bread and butter. As appetizers, we decided to try some empanadas and the Caesar salad. You guys know that I always have to try out those Caesar salads, it’s just my thing. I think we both agreed that the empanadas were good, the only complaint I have about them is that they were a little cold in the middle. However, the flavor profiles were great, and we very much enjoyed this appetizer. The Caesar salad was as excellent as any that I’ve ever had, the croutons were crunchy; the lettuce was fresh, and the flavor was quite good.

For the main course, we shared the grill sampler. This is a sampler dish for two, and to be completely honest with you; I think you could feed four or more in one sitting. I don’t think we ate but 1/3 of this dish before we felt full. I really love the flavor of the steak, there is a special taste that steak can have when you get it at a good place! I don’t know how to describe it. However, this steak had it, but I don’t even know how to describe it.

We ate this other meat called sweetbread, which tasted kind of weird to us, the texture and everything, later we found out that it was an organ that is next to the heart. Yeah, we didn’t finish that, we thought it had a weird taste and texture, and the waiter kind of confirmed for us why. The chicken was good. It wasn’t dry, which tends to be a problem with chicken. As I mentioned already, the steak was great, and I enjoyed this dish. My wife was on the fence about it; she felt that it was a bit too oily, too greasy for her taste, and though it felt heavy to me, it didn’t bother me that much.

Take a look at this video clip here and you’ll get an idea of what I thought about their bathroom.

Pampas restaurant has an impeccable restroom. Proper review coming on #nyctalking #foodie #food

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Seriously, that bathroom was impeccable.

Overall, I’d say that my experience here was pleasant, I enjoyed it, and I would recommend that you try the skirt steak, it was probably the best item. For our side dishes, we had some mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, and those were pretty good too.

The price was reasonable. I think we paid about $60 for the two of us, which wasn’t bad considering the amount of food we had, and the overall quality. I feel perfectly comfortable recommending this place to you guys. Restaurants are subjective, for sure. Take for instance, me and my wife tonight. She wasn’t so into it, and I was a bit more into it. Everyone will always feel how they feel, but in my opinion, it’s not a bad place to try. If you are in the area, check it out.

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