Pants on the ground.

Seriously, would someone please, please, PLEASE, tell us who or what thinks that pants on your knees, with your dirty underwear showing is a cool trend. Someone who practices it, please tell us what in God’s world you are thinking?

Perhaps it’s just me? What am I missing about this trend? Why does it make me think you look like a complete idiot that doesn’t have the common sense to wear his/her pants where they belong. It’s definitely not an age thing though, because in my younger days it was done too. So what exactly is it about this phenomena?

Fleece Johnson (the booty warrior) talks about how this “gangsta style” is perceived in a prison documentary. Yes, this trend originated in prison, and usually happened because inmates were not allowed belts (due to suicide risks) causing their pants to sag. At some point down the line this style became a symbol among male prisoners as to their willingness to engage in homosexual activity.

Now considering how homophobic “gangstas” usually are, I’ll bet that in doing this pants sagging thing, the invitation for butt sex is not their intent. But be careful, as the booty warrior says, to old timers in jail it’s sexy, and he warns you younger guys that someone will be up in your booty if you go around flashing it in prison.

This morning I saw this guy with basketball shorts, he had them sagging low, nearly on his knees, and pretty much his entire back side was visible. This guy looked absolutely ridiculous. He noticed the look on my face and he gave me the “gangsta eye”, meanwhile I thought if this idiot makes a move, the first thing I’ll do is finish dropping his saggy pants, then when he goes to pull them up I’d knock him the fack out with a solid knee to the face. Then I’d take a picture and post it on instagram. Yeah, that’s what I’d do.

So would someone please explain this style to me? Do you really think a woman wants a man that doesn’t know how to wear a pair of pants? Yes, I have been making fun of you in this post, because, well, frankly put, you look like a freaking idiot. But, the question is legit, would you please your method of thinking to me.

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