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When Parents Talk To Each Other Like Children!

Those who know me would say that I am the last person they’d expect to see writing a mom article. Though as a father, I am no stranger to parenting posts, I tend to stay away from mommy posts. The reasons are many, but mainly because I don’t want to catch a beat down from a bunch of moms whom I may inadvertently offend. Knowing that I am a bit of a brute and sometimes crude, I pick my topics wisely. I’m smart right?

“That’s a good boy, Angel.”

That being said, I thought I’d share this video with you. I watched this video, and I found it ridiculous. Watching an adult telling another adult “Don’t touch that, it has germs” is pretty silly. However, this is exactly what parents do to our children! When you see an adult treated the same way, it takes on an entirely different dynamic doesn’t it? I think that after watching this video, you might choose to interact slightly different with your kids. Let us know what you think.

Featured photo credit: Matteo Bagnoli via

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