Parents Television Council Slams The Walking Dead

So apparently this parents television council thinks that the walking dead is too violent. Do I really need to take time out of my day to say this? Is it really necessary that I teach this parenting council how to parent? Really?


Lookie here PTC, if you don’t like the violence, don’t watch the damn show! If you don’t want little Jimmy to see brains splattered all over the floor, don’t let Jimmy watch the show. You don’t want to subsidize the show? Don’t give them ratings. Instead of whining and biznatching all the time, just be a parent and control what your kids see.

You have the entire right to not watch the Walking Dead, or any show you deem too violent. However,  you have no damn right to mess with the show for those of us who want to watch it. Why is it that people like you always feels the need to meddle in everyone’s life? The solution is super easy, turn off the tv, or change the damn channel!

You want to pick what channels come in, at a super granular level? You know what you are? Annoying, you are simply annoying. There is nothing that you can say that makes it okay to remove the show or the channel. Quit your whining, and get over it! The bottom line on this matter is too freaking simple!


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