When participants try to run your class

I’ve been teaching for the better part of a year now, and I’ve crossed over through many formats. I’m not just a kickboxing instructor, a strength instructor, or a Zumba instructor, I cover many formats. Let’s chat about when participants try to run your class! Armchair fitness instructors. Haha.

In this field I come across and interact with many participants across all disciplines. One of those is the type who wants to tell you how to run your class. Since I started teaching Zumba, I’ve been having people asking me, “Will you be playing this type of music, or a lot of Latin music like everyone else? You really should focus on soca and dancehall reggae music.”

To me, that’s funny. Because neither of those is a music genre for which I am a good fit. I’m not sure where these individuals got that idea from? Don’t get me wrong, I love soca and reggae music, but I can’t wine my waist for the life of me! Furthermore, Zumba is a Latin based and inspired format, that’s why it’s so Latin centric!

You have some flexibility about your playlist, but it is required that you keep the core Zumba rhythms in the playlist. Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and merengue must be present. If you omit any of those rhythms, then you are not teaching true Zumba, and you are not following the brand’s formula. I bet some of y’all didn’t know this? Yes, we do have the freedom to pick our music, but there are some core basic rules that we must adhere to.

The other thought that occurs to me is that if you have a vision, or a format that you’d like a class taught, why don’t you go get your license, or group fitness certification, and then teach classes yourself?

I’m open to feedback, and I have been since the beginning. However, I am not open to being told how I should run my classes. I have my style, what works with my abilities, and that’s how I’ll teach. I hope that people enjoy it, and most do, but my style is not for everyone. I understand that. Fortunately, there are many different instructors and styles, so you have options. And, if none fit your needs, you can become an instructor yourself! You can do it!

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