Passed out drunk in the toilet

I know that at one point or another, all of you have passed out drunk in the toilet. Right? That’s not just me, right? Right?

So I was at Webster Hall with one of my buddies, and we met up with two girls. One of them was on my radar, and the other one was for him. We hung out and danced the night away, but apparently I drank a bit too much.

At one point, I was nodding off on a chair, and I came to, my girl was close by and a song I love came on, so I jumped up and started dancing. I was sporadic like that.

We danced a while more and then decided to hit a diner for a meal. We arrived, had some water, and a few glasses of juice, and then the urge to take a crap hit me. So, I went downstairs and built a nest, I sat, and tried to poop.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but after awhile, my friend came down and woke me up. Dude, what the hell are you doing, come back upstairs. I realized that I was out cold, and that I didn’t even poop. I came upstairs, and I was suffering the worst headache ever.

I really wanted to hang out with the girls, but I was messed up. I told them that they could all stay, but I had to go, I needed my bed. I put out a few bucks for my drink and tips, and made to leave. I think they got mad, but I can’t really remember, and frankly, I didn’t give a damn, I needed to sleep.

After that, we kept in touch for awhile on Myspace, but if we were gonna bang, that night probably put a serious dent on those plans. First, I knocked out cold while sitting in a toilet for well over 30 minutes, and then upon returning, I simply left. Yeah, that was not too cool, not cool at all.

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