Pedophile At The Park

When I was a young man, I met a pedophile at the park. I was about 14 or so, and I often would go to the track at 161st Street in the Bronx to run. This was the old track, before they changed it and put the new Yankee Stadium on top of it. I would run some miles, then sit on the benches to recover and rest before going home. That’s where the pedophile found me!

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One day, an older man came over and sat next to me. Being the cordial kid that I was, I didn’t think anything of it, and greeted him. He started talking to me, complimenting my youthful physique, and after a while this dude blurted out, “Tu tienes unas tetitas lindas.” I was wearing a lose tank top, so my chest and nipples were visible, and this guy said, “You have some nice nipples.”

I crap you not, this guy started to talk to me, a kid, about my nipples. I wasn’t young enough to not know what was happening, but I wasn’t old enough to realize that I should have done more. In any case, not one to pass up such a golden opportunity, and not having thoroughly thought about what I really should have done with this guy from a legal standpoint, I took his number. I went home and began to share it with all of my friends, explaining to them what he did, and that it was open season on prank calling him.

That is when “The Tiburones” were born. In English, that means Shark. We started to call this guy up daily, early morning, evening, late night, it didn’t matter. I actually have audio cassettes of us pranking him. We would call him up, and say, “Victor, soy yo el Tiburon.” One day he said something that I thought was funny, he got really angry, and he said “Si tu eres un tiburon, yo soy una ballena!” If you are a shark, I am a whale. LOL. That was clever.

Anyway, through our constant calling, we discovered he lived with his partner, Castro, and we told him about what Victor did at the park. He didn’t seem to mind and invited us over, so we just played along and kept pranking him for months. One day, when we called particularly late, they threatened to call the police on us. We dared him to do it, and we stepped up our prank calling efforts. “When you call the cops, tell them that you were hitting on a child at the track.”

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Victor was an old man, and this was nearly 3 decades ago, so it is likely that he will be reading this blog post from pedohell, but we had some good laughs pranking him. He eventually changed his number, but the tiburon days were fun. We had an entire notebook of people we called. There was Buju, Whisper Man, Victor, and many others. Victor was our biggest target bar none. He deserved the headache and aggravation for being a damn pedophile, and he’s actually lucky he ran into me. Some guys I grew up with would have shot him on the spot. He’s also lucky I didn’t have the good sense to call the cops on him. Although, truth be told, I’m not sure they would have done much since he hadn’t actually molested me.

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