Pedophiles claim court decision violates their rights!

A group of pedophiles was ordered to immediately dissolve their group. The order came from a Dutch court that stated their association promotes sexual contact between adults and children, which is obviously not acceptable in any civilized society.

The group is called Martijn. The chairman, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, said that the court’s ruling was attack on their “freedom of expression”.


Can you believe these child molesting sickos? Not only are they disgusting, filthy pedophiles, but they have the audacity to try and justify their group’s right to exist? Under the claim that denying them their lifestyle is a violation of their rights!


Next we’ll have murderers claiming that preventing them from killing people is denying them their rights too. Ridiculous fools, the court should of taken the opportunity and locked those sickos up forever. I say this slightly humane treatment only because my true feelings are too radical for the interwebz!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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