Obsessed With Penis Size

Obsession With Penis Size

What the hell is it with men and being obsessed with penis size? Recently, I was involved in a conversation with a few people. They started talking about penis sizes, and this obsession that men have with their man tool.

Naturally, some individuals were bragging, and others engaged in self deprecating humor. As I watched this, I thought about my “at best” average sized penis, and how in this culture particularly, many people are so obsessed with how their penis size determines their level of manhood and masculinity.

One of the ladies said that the man’s penis has to be at least X inches, or she would never talk to the man again. She said that she would not embarrass him, but that he would not get a call back after the first time. Another woman said that she would make him leave her home if he wasn’t packing heavy meat!

This mindset brings a lot of questions to the forefront. Many people make the claim that it’s not the size, but the motion of the ocean. Personally, I believe that there can be some truth to that, but if you legit have a micropenis, I think that we can all agree that there won’t be much motion in that ocean. I’m not trying to be an jerk, and if I am wrong, please correct me. Mind you, I’m not bragging, like I said, I’m just making “average” at best! So I’m not trying to crap on anyone, I’m just speaking practically.

On that same note, I’d question, if a man treats you well, and you love each other, but then you discover that he has a 5 1/2 inch penis, instead of meeting the 6 inch minimum that you have set. Does that disqualify a man from being your life partner? It is really that much of a difference, and worth losing a good man for? Would you trade that for a man who has a 10 inch penis, but is abusive to you? Would you trade that for a man who cheats on you, doesn’t work, and is an all around piece of crap? Albeit a piece of crap with a large penis?

The answer to that question will vary, and I know this for a fact. I have been told by some women, he’s a jerk, he cheats, and he’s got 5 kids from 5 different women. Also, he doesn’t pay child support for any of his kids! That doesn’t matter though, he’s got a huge penis! Crap, if that’s all you care about, hire a male hooker! You’ll get that good sex you want, and not have to deal with any of the associated drama that comes with the aforementioned.

I remember a very long time ago, I was dating a Japanese woman. One day we ended up talking about some cultural differences. She asked me why so many songs in the U.S make reference to a man’s penis, and how big it is? I explained to her that here, it is viewed as a sign of manhood to have a huge penis. Men in our culture are taught this at a very young age. Even though this goes about creating a bunch of self conscious and insecure men, because as big as you may be, there is always someone bigger. That’s a fact.

I have a friend who is hung so large, that this guy makes me look like a mini me in the penis department! Don’t ask me how I know his penis size! This dude just cock mooned us all one day! In any case, my friend told me that he was with a woman who said that he was smaller than the guys she’d been with before, and he felt inadequate about that. I was shocked that he would be concerned about penis size, this guy’s penis is a beast, and she said he was “okay.” I have a question, who the freak does this woman sleep with?

In any case, that just proves my point, there is always someone bigger! As I explained this to my then Japanese lady, she said “You guys really care about that? It really matters here? Wow, that is so dumb. It’s not like you have any control over that. You can’t change your penis. I’m sorry Angel, but that’s just a very stupid thing to worry about in life.” She was very surprised about learning that, and we laughed about it. I shrugged, smiled at her, then I made love to her with my average penis!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Kitt Crescendo

You know, you’re right. There is an awful lot of time, attention, and obsession placed around size. And not just with women and their body types (which, thankfully, is getting a lot of attention these days with the help of a lot of activists). You guys get a lot of this (albeit around cock size), too. It’s not really fair. Everyone has their own interests, etc. People shouldn’t belittle others, no pun intended, simply because their size isn’t their type. Personally, I’m not for the overly large dicks. And I don’t know why the supersized are so cocky about the… Read more »


Is there a word meaning a man who is obsessed with his large penis? I’ve for a word, and can’t find one. I have however found a man that would fall into that category! His most recent discovery is that his penis is the size of a can of White Claw. ….Seriously?!??? I keep telling this man that the size of his dick is not what keeps me attracted to him oh, but he just seem to fixate on it. I’ve seen words for men and disorders that have to do with small penis size. I’m curious as to if… Read more »