Some people lack coordination. And that’s okay.

One thing that I have observed over the years taking, and during this first year teaching group fitness is that some people lack coordination. It’s just a fact.

When participating in group fitness, it’s important to hear and follow the beat of the music. This is more important in some classes as the music is driving the pace and movements.

For instance, in step class, it’s rather important that you are on beat. If you can’t hear the musical count, and you rely on the participants or instructors, you’ll always be one step behind on the choreography, and that kills you in a high speed step class.

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It’s not so important in a boot camp class where everyone goes at their own pace. There are other classes where we do the routines on beat, but they are more forgiving when it comes to catching or keeping up.

There have been countless times where I have tried to show participants how to catch the beat during off hours, but I’ve come to understand that some folks simply don’t have that capacity. There are just some things we are able to do, and others we cannot.

There are times it can be a bit worrisome such as when you are punching or kicking in a crowded class, if they are going the wrong way, an accident can happen. Also, during Zumba classes where you are bouncing all over the floor, you can have a collision if everyone is going in different directions.

Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to me in a way where either myself or someone else got hurt. I tend to know who the dangerous ones are, and I do my very best to stand far away from them. Not just for my own safety, but more for theirs. I’m usually heavier than the other participants, and if we clash they can get hurt.

At the end of the day, as long as you are working out, and your lack of coordination doesn’t endanger you or anyone else, then just keep having fun and burning those calories.

If you find that you pose a risk to anyone’s safety, try and have at least one side of your body flanked by a wall. This way you only have to worry about people on the other side. If you are in the middle of the floor, you can get hit from both sides. Also, it might be a good idea if you stayed towards the back where there are less people. These are just safety suggestions, and in no way meant to belittle you. At the end of the day, I want you to get fit, and stay safe!

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