Peppa is back

For the last week, our Peppa has not been herself. She’s been avoiding us, fearful, and seemingly withdrawn. This was probably due to a series of vaccinations that she has been getting the past few weeks. A combination of physical pain and discomfort, possibly intermingled with a lack of trust towards us for exposing her to such displeasures.

However, over the last day or so, the playful puppy you have all come to know and love is returning to us. Yesterday she started biting my fingers and attacking my gym bag again. Today over lunch we wrestled for a little while and she climbed up on top of me to lick my face. When I came home for lunch she did her excited dance and tail wagging!

Ladies and gentlemen, Peppa the pom is back! Yay!

It was so heartbreaking to see her that acting as though she was scared of us, I’m super happy to see her become herself again. Unfortunately, she has one more shot to go, and because it’s pouring rain, the poor baby may not be able to go outside today. We’ll just run back and forth in the hallway for a while. That seems fun for her and also seems to drain her energy.

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