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Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

Keeping in line with watching the old movies over again, I watched the sequel to the lightning thief with my wife. 

The Sea of Monsters is about our heroes saving the demigods after an attack on their protected encampment. Luke, the son of Hermes is once again being a jerk and trying to mess around with crap he should not be messing around with. He manages to cause a divide amongst the demigods and damn near ends the whole world.

Once again, our unwitting hero Percy Jackson is pulled into the fold. In fact, this wasn’t even his mission or task, but there is some great prophecy about the living child of one of the first three Gods and how they save the world from being destroyed. 

As the only living son of one of the three Gods, he figures that he’s the one who has to save the world and secretly joins the quest to retrieve a cloth that is said to heal things. In this case, they need to heal the tree that generates the protective barrier for the encampment.

In this film they introduce a few new villains as well as some pretty cool heroes too. We even get to meet some new siblings y’all!

By the end of this film, there is a major twist that could change everything. However, I don’t think they proceeded to make the third Percy Jackson. In fact if my reading is accurate, the film is definitely out of the picture and they are instead working on a Disney Plus reboot which heavily involves the author, Rick Riordan who apparently hated the films.

That’s a bit of a bummer as I enjoyed the first two films. But you know once it’s been a few years since the last film was released without a follow up that it’s not gonna happen anymore. I mean those kids would be all grown up by now and I just don’t see how they could do it anymore.

If you wait too long for any film, then no one care about it anymore. It’s kind of like Independence Day, they waited 20 years and then no one cared anymore. I was reading a book called the Traveler that did the same thing to me, they waited too long to release the next book. I didn’t even remember or care about the story anymore. I bought the book and put it down in 5 minutes. But that is neither here nor there as in this case it seems that neither of the two movies did as well as expected in the box office. You know how that goes right. You are not generating money? You out the door!

This is actually part of the reason I want to pick up the books. The stories are already out there if we want them, we just have to read them is all. That’s how I did with all the Harry Potter books. I read all the books since the movies were too slow to come out. I think I will do the same here.

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