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Perry bashes Obama on border patrol!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is not one to hold his tongue. He recently blasted the Obama administration stating that they have done nothing to stop or slow the surge of children crossing the border into Texas.

The Governor is quoted as saying “these are kids, crossing the border by themselves, kids, where are the parents in all this?”

As a father, the thought of a child taking on that mission by themselves is not only heartbreaking, but terrifying. We can all appreciate that these kids are looking for a better life, perhaps living here as a ward of the state is more desirable than staying in Mexico. Yet risking a kid’s life for the possibility of a better life? Who are we to say though, perhaps it’s worth it to them. A matter of life or death.

Admittedly I’m sure the governor is not only worried about this though, his concern is likely along the lines of the government having to take on these children. He does recognize that kids are “a politically easy group to defend” for the Obama administration. He’s right, even writing this post I’m torn as to what I feel.

In my emotional opinion, if a kid risks that trip, he or she should be allowed to seek a better life here.

Yet in my logical opinion I recognize the flaw in that statement. I know that it would be a major problem if hundreds of kids crossed the border and we had to subsequently take care of them all financially.

I’m all for charity, but where does one draw the line? How many of these kids can we afford to allow into state sponsored services before we fold? What happens then? Who will take our children when the U.S. is undone?

It’s a sensitive topic. For me as well as for most of you I assume. We are good people and want to help, but how much can we do before we become the ones needing help? Also, one could ask how many American children are hungry, homeless, etc. Those American kids could end up shut out or lacking in the services they need due to these children crossing the border.

One can’t help wonder, with no papers and the odds stacked against them, how many of these kids will grow up to be productive members of society, and how many will take a path that is less than productive?

What are your thoughts? Should Obama and the white house honor Governor Perry’s request to more strictly lock out immigrants at the border?

I’ll say this, I’m glad I’m not the one that has to make this decision.

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Chris Montesano
6 years ago

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